Zoo Portraits is a funny photo series by Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal that pairs animal heads with human bodies. Partal humorously manages to present his wildlife subjects as a believable display of individual men, each with his own personality and style. From a ferocious yet cuddly black bear wearing a winter sweater adorned with skull and snowflake designs to a party animal pig dressed in his best Hawaiian shirt, the animals reveal their inner beast through their clothes. Each half-animal, half-man portrait in the series features a furry, feathery, or smooth creature donning an outfit to complement his naturally expressive face. The photographer’s cast of characters include a dashing lady killer wolf in a tux, a polite raccoon (who looks like an architect), a hard-as-nails rhino eager to ride his hog, and a sleazy sloth looking to have a good time at the clubs.

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