yves+kleinYves Klein is one of my favorite artists.  His paintings are absolutely spectacular, breathtaking even.  They have inspired me in my own paintings and in Saray’s interior design work. Klein painted monochromes as early as 1949, and held the first private exhibition of such pieces in 1950. The public’s responses to his paintings, which displayed orange, yellow, red, pink, and blue monochromes, deeply disappointed Klein.  People went from painting to painting, linking them together as a sort of mosaic.  From the reactions of the audience, Klein realized that viewers thought his various, uniformly colored canvases amounted to a new kind of bright, abstract interior decoration. Shocked at this misunderstanding, Klein knew a further and decisive step in the direction of monochrome art would have to be taken.  From that time onward he would concentrate on one single, primary color alone: Blue


International Klein Blue was developed by Klein as part of his search for colors which best represented the concepts he wished to convey as an artist. Although Klein worked with blue extensively in his earlier career, it was not until 1950’s that he used it as the central component of a piece (the color effectively becoming the art). Klein embarked on a series of monochromatic works using International Klein Blue as the central theme. These included performance art where Klein painted models’ naked bodies and had them walk, roll, and sprawl upon blank canvases as well as more conventional single-color canvases. I love what the vision of this artist has been translated into. We see huge trends in interiors, fashion, and accessory design. In fact, I think this blue is my new favorite color. Check out some of the beautiful finds I discovered in this color, and some inspiration for your home and wardrobe.

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