You’ve probably seen his iconic intertwining geometric shapes before, but didn’t know who he was. Meet Frank Stella, mid-century minimalist American painter and printmaker who paved the way for Pop Art through the flattening of objects with the use of solid color, and the denial of space and depth illusion with the removal of the brushstroke. Originally hailing from Massachusetts, Stella moved to New York City in 1958 after graduating from Princeton, and quickly began to produce works that focused on graphic as subject, rather than a representation of some real-world object, person or scene. I’m a huge fan, and always adore seeing his work in various interiors — they enliven a space and can easily become the central focus of a room. They also remind me of those very chic color blocked dresses that are so in this season.

“What you see is what you see.” ~ Frank Stella
Frank-Stella-Protractor-living-room-blue-by-Diamond-Barrett Frank-Stella-dining-room-by-Richard-Himmel-via-Architectural-Digest Frank-Stella-Ellsworth-Kelly-studio-via-Architectural-Digest Frank-Stella-art-collector-apt-Manhattan Frank-Stella-Vdara-Hotel-Las-Vegas-via-jeanettejoyharris  Frank-Stella-Protractor-white-living-room-of-Lisa-Perry-Hamptons-house
Frank-Stella-in-Delphine-Reed-Krakoff-home-2 Frank-Stella-hallway-by-David-Kleinberg-via-Architectural-Digest Frank-Stella-neutral-living-room-by-Douglas-Durkin-via-Architectural-Digest Frank-Stella-Terence-Conran-1974-book-living-roomFrank-Stella-Schwartz-master-bedroom-by-Judi-Malevia-MetHome Frank-Stella-Vladamir-Kagan-living-room-via-FT





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