Hello Everybody! I stumbled upon Trafiq a restaurant in Budapest with the best typographic design done by Kiss Miklos. Channeling a sense of both reminiscence and amazement, Trafiq’s typography-based identity system is a fun mixture of early twentieth-century typography and a contemporary, psychedelic type treatments and visual language that, together, pay homage to the tiny, toy store-like shops for which the club is named. The menu was featured on one of my favorite blogs Art of the Menu. I find great delight in the posters featured within the establishment, they really need to sell these cause I would buy them all, they look so beautifully designed and are knock out in a grouping. Also the over sized letters in the interior of the restaurant make it feel like a speak easy or a secret club, its funny how lighting and color can transport you anywhere. Also the packaging is genius, their fries are packaged in a cigarette boxes! How awesome! I love the ingenuity of this brand and the designers that mixed modern and old typography, its my favorite.
Logo trafiq_PHOTO_11 trafiq_PHOTO_10 trafiq_PHOTO_09 trafiq_PHOTO_08 trafiq_PHOTO_07 trafiq_PHOTO_06 trafiq_PHOTO_02 trafiq_PHOTO_01 Packaging_10 Packaging_08 Packaging_01 Posters-07 Posters-03 BuildingGraphics_20