Screen-Shot-2013-02-11-at-5.11.08-PMThere comes  a time when you feel blue. The hallmark companies of America invented this holiday. Men are tying to rise to the occasion and failing cause they are trying too hard, or some miss the note and totally forget. Some women are content with their relationship status and on this day feel blue and alone, and find themselves drinking too much wine and looking through their contact list. At the end of the day this is how I feel about the whole thing. Its all a scam. We should love our friends and significant others year round. And when everything lets you down, such as your men, your job, your body. Nothing can cure the blues like a good pair of shoes. Shoes are the best ego booster known to a woman. You can get married, pregnant, get dumped and gain a bunch of weight, a pair of shoes will always fit, and it will never let you down. So if your in love, single or in between, there is something we can all be thankful for, nice stocked rack of shoes in our closets. So this Valentines Day go fulfill your gillty pleasure and shop for a nice pair, that will fit into your wardrobe forever.