When i was a little girl i would look at my grandma tie her silk scarves before we went into town. She had purchased them during her travels in Milan or Paris, truly there is no one more fabulous than my granny. She always told me that it didn’t matter the outfit – a scarf would dress you up and make you look chic! See these fabulous ladies rock it!
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Here are some simple instructions so you can attain this knock out of a look.
Fold, wrap and knot. Done!

  • Step 1 — Fold the scarf into a triangle and roll it up
  • Step 2 — Drape ther scarf behind your neck
  • Step 3 — Loop it once around your neck
  • Step 4 — Pull one end through the loop
  • Step 5 — Tie the ends together
  • Step 6 — Adjust so the knot is hidden. Admire your handiwork.

(images via Vanessa Jackman, Man Repeller, Always Judging, Vogue.com, Venzedits, The Haute Pursuit, The Northern Light, Harper’s Bazaar)