Whether you’re a fitness addict or a yoga expert, or just trying to fit into your favorite skinny jeans, healthy living is always a must. So Toshiko Shek from It’s Not Her, It’s Me looped us in about spa water, which is not only tasty but also, a way to hydrate our bodies! So peep below and share your healthy tips in the comments below!!

mockup21Summer is right around the corner and as the weather gets warmer and warmer I am always thinking of ways to quench my thirst. We all know that water is good for us but it sure doesn’t taste as yummy as those bubbly cocktails or a delicious slurpee. Thank goodness for spa water! Spa water is simply fruit infused water. When you add fruits to water, you are including essential vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. It is a great way to hydrate and boost your body. Spa water also looks much prettier and more appealing than a plain glass of water, don’t you agree?

You can pretty much infuse water with any fruits you like, you can even combine them. The possibilities are endless! Strawberries, cucumbers and lemons are just some of my favorites. Strawberries are full of biotin and antioxidant ellagic acid which are great for anti-aging. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties and are great for detoxing. Lemons are awesome, not only do they aid digestion, cleanse your system and clear skin, they also boost energy and freshen breath! So, what you waiting for? Slice up some fruits and get started!

Via: forever21

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