So I was looking for new resort wear for my upcoming trip in April, and I ran into Tory Burch’s new spring collection.  It is bright, elegant, and as I like to call it, Acapulco Chic. The heels and the tunics are spectacular.  If you haven’t already guessed it, the Tory Burch Lookbook is the ultimate gillty pleasure.  It makes me want to sell everything just to get my hands on a piece of the latest and greatest. The collection’s American prep remix is defined by a stylish woman who travels the world, picks up special pieces and mixes them with classic sportswear. Tailored silhouettes tap into the free spirit of the season with bohemian detailing — beading, embroidery, pom-poms, fringe.  Kaleidoscopic colors and prints conjure up thoughts of far-flung locales. These beautiful images were taken for the Lookbook in bright, sun-baked haciendas near beautiful Tulum, with photographer Norman Jean Roy and models Tati Cotliar, Shu Pei and Ophelie Rupp.  Check out the Lookbook or Shop All Looks here.  Which ones are your favorites? Where would you like to go and be seen wearing these this spring? LB_Spring_2013_01LB_Spring_2013_02 LB_Spring_2013_03 LB_Spring_2013_04 LB_Spring_2013_05 LB_Spring_2013_06 LB_Spring_2013_07 LB_Spring_2013_08 LB_Spring_2013_09 LB_Spring_2013_10 LB_Spring_2013_11 LB_Spring_2013_12 LB_Spring_2013_13 LB_Spring_2013_14