I have been decorating my home for some time, but I am having a lot of trouble finding the perfect light fixtures. I feel like they are so permanent, and even worse they are so pricey. Occasionally I will be posting options.  Maybe one day with some luck I will choose a lucky winner and I will finally have a unique fixture that I truly love.  I want something that complements what I already have now in my home.  The other day just browsing around I ran into this chandelier on Colossal.  Inspired by Polish scientist Marie Sklodowska Curie, designer Pani Jurek designed a line of single and two-tiered test tube chandeliers that can be filled with water, flowers, or simply left empty. The lights are for sale over on Etsy.  It is simple and yet elegant.  I am not fond of the colored water version however. I would prefer to keep it a bit more simple.  What do you think? Do you like this fun chandelier?

test-1condensation-ice-in-tubes sparklers
test-7 test-6