If you looked up Stella Jean in the dictionary, there she would surely be defined as: the merriest print mixologist there ever was. The Italian-Haitian designer‘s spring collection focused on the skirt with 50s inspired petticoat skirts, pencil skirts and long trumpeted hobble skirts. And her signature happy combination of Hawaiian prints, French Breton stripes, West African wax prints, English gingham, and Indonesian batik is once again, inspiring to say the least. Culture clash at it’s best.
stellajean1 stellajean2 stellajean3 stellajean4 stellajean5 stellajean6 stellajean7 stellajean8 stellajean9 stellajean10 stellajean11 stellajean12 stellajean13 stellajean14 stellajean15 stellajean16(available for purchase at Matches)