Mint, we think of the stuff we pop in our mouths after a meal or to stay up in a really boring meeting. Mint has made a comeback and no this is not your mother breath mints. The color Mint is back and its Emerald greens sexy cousin that has come to greet you along with spring. I absolutely love this pastel color, it is so versatile, and it can also work as a muted color if your scared of going too bright too soon. I got my first pair of mint jeans at ZARA in Athens, I would of never chosen this color on my own, if it weren’t for the hoards of young sexy people wearing it in Mykonos. So i took a chance and i bought them, wore them to work and like a virus the trend spread, all close friends had the shade somewhere in there outfits, from nails to to my guy friends in mint shorts, this color was hitting the US hard. This last weekend I was at the mall with my husband Gable, what a foreign concept, going to the mall felt like a field trip! Anywho and we went into J. Crew, they have like focused there entire Spring Collection on Mint, I obviously was enchanted with all the sweaters and skirts in the shade, until i stumbled upon the Enameled Frog Necklace. My eyes basically popped out of my head and my Hubby, well he is a smart man. He said as a true stud would say, ” Babe I’ll get this for you, you absolutely love it” My heart is filled with joy and excitement! Here is one thing I do love about my husband, He loves to buy me jewelry, yes i have my wedding ring and diamond earings he has gifted me but what i love the most is that he is always out trying to find me something different and chic, and he only buys pieces he is really into, and he knows me so well he knows ill adore it forever. I love this color, below are some of my findings within fashion & interiors. I would like to know how do you like mint best?

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