hbz-beauty-fendi-ss2015-smThe tropical pop-art beauty look at Fendi’s Spring 2015 show was whimisical, a little wild, and still totally wearable—all the things that Fendi does best. Backstage, hairstylist Sam McKnight attached leather hair accessories—which he appropriately referred to as “crocodile tails”—to the models’ ponytails to match the bright floral prints in the collection. The moment spring rolls around, we’ll be clipping these flowers in our hair or on our bag. And notice how the eyeliner is exactly the same color as the petals? That’s because makeup artist Peter Philips ditched traditional liner and shadow and used lash glue to attach leather strips across the lids. Worried about weighing your lids down? Use latex tape for a similar effect.  Would you try this new trend?

Source: harpersbazaar.com

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