304441_470815532959234_1466082917_nThe symbolic and mathematical driven duo from Shoreditch, East London created geometric pieces that involves intrigue, mystery and simplicity and I am curious to find out more. As an arts graduate we naturally have an inquisitive mind and the collection is similar to visiting an art exhibition and finding out the concept behind the piece, both factually and forming our own opinions. The press images of the necklaces suspended in air certainly do not look out of place in an art gallery.

What’s curious to me is that the necklaces evoke distance memories of me being in a math class, doodling images of a wonky cube in my notebook (I have to admit, drawing more than once to get the cuboid dimension and proportion right). The combination of math, science and art in jewellery is a collaboration that requires in depth exploration and excitable musings.

The 3D-looking necklaces comes in oxidised silver, sterling silver and gold with long matching chain. The necklace can easily be layered with different geometric shapes available, creating an optical illusion of congruent stacked cubes. The pendant is worn at chest to mid-level, a position that makes perfect sense as this is the part of our body with the biggest surface area, hypnotically drawing attention to the perspective-inspired necklace.

Geometric themes in jewellery has been around for a while and with Shimell and Madden at the helm there is no stopping the trend now. Visit their website www.shimellandmadden.com

Shimmell2 Shimmell1 Shimmell3 AlunaGeorge_video Gold_2_large Gold_3_large Oxidize_7_large