Hi Gillty Pleasure readers! I’m Grace  and I’m so pleased to tell you about one of the most refreshing runway shows I’ve seen in a while. Just when you think everything under the sun has been done to death in the world of fashion, someone comes in and pleasantly proves you wrong. During this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Turkish Cypriot designer Hussein Chayalan revealed (quite literally) a new side of haute couture when he presented his F/W 2013 collection. With a single tug at the collar, models on the runway transformed their simple, classic sheath dresses into rippling, minimalist gowns—all with the nonchalance of a Parisian sipping a café creme outside a bistro. From a cynic’s point of view, Chayalan’s dresses are, for all intents and purposes, gimmicks. But the care he took in structuring them for that just right billowy effect, his restraint and taste in design… he turned ephemeral fashion into a style that has the power to endure. And that is très chic.

hussein-chayalan hussein-chayalan2