For those who don’t know I am from Colombia. Unfortunately we are known for all the wrong reasons. We are incredibly gifted with immense talent from various, designers, artists and visionaries to say the least. Colombian jewelry designer Paula Mendoza has made a name for herself with her signature serpent bracelet, with graduated gold beads coiling up the arm like a rattlesnake’s tail. Her background in sculpture is evident in her designs, where natural and geometric elements are worked into uniquely ergonomic shapes and forms. With Colombia as one of her major inspirations, Paula Mendoza’s pieces are bold, organic, and timeless. As a way to give back to her country, each piece of jewellery is hand-crafted in downtown Bogota with love and patience. After studying local South American artisans, Paula Mendoza moved to Washing D.C. not only to work with private clients but to pursue a degree in sculpture, which took her designs to new and wondrous heights. In 2011, Paula went to New York City and was named by VOGUE as one of the most influential jewellery designers in Latin America. Since then her jewellery has been featured in VOGUE, W Magazine, Vanity Fair and many more publications, and her pieces can be found only is exclusive boutiques or select online retailers. Her latest collection, rich with gemstones like raw emeralds and onyx, is in one word: Chic!
paulamendoza6 paulamendoza4 paulamendoza2 paulamendoza3 paulamendoza5 paulamendoza1(Paula Mendoza jewelry available here and here)