BIRTHDAYFACE-1So it happened, I did it and I honestly don’t know how.
One year ago today, Febuary 7th 2013, I published my first ever blog post. Perhaps rather fitting then that this is my 207th post to celebrate my one-year blogoversary! Looking back, I remember going on and on to my family and friends about starting a blog for months before I actually did something about it. But I just couldn’t get my head around the best way to approach it, what to call it, what to write about, how I should present it. I wanted to share my love of design, fashion and food with the world! At times it was discouraging since I knew not many people were checking my blog (it was pretty much my sisters Saray and Stephany and our significant others, haha) but of course, such is the plight of new blogs. I continued to blog about all my projects and inspirations and it was so exciting when we started to point out trends and get noticed for it! I have met so many wonderful, kind, supportive and encouraging people in the blogging and design community. It is truly amazing how the internet can make the world such a small place! It’s been quite the journey, and once in a while I enjoy going through my old posts as this blog is almost like a wishlist diary for me. I believe God has given us the capacity to be creative and has placed certain passions, interests and dreams within us. It has been amazing being able to explore these and try to use them to love, inspire, and connect others. Thank you to each and every one of you who has left a comment, written an encouraging e-mail, or shared my posts to friends! Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I cannot wait to see where it’ll take us next!
Thank you


Andrea Gill
E D I T O R + C H I E F