This home tour, featuring both unique, personalized interiors and exteriors, is one of those spaces that feels so wholly original and thoughtful that it could only be the home of two distinct design professionals. Cleo and McShane Murnane, co-founders of the Los Angeles-based Project M+, a collective of designers and architects, are in fact a graphic designer and architect themselves, respectively. The couple founded their company in an effort to streamline the creative process and offer collaborative solutions to their design clients. Taking their work home, the pair designed and built their hillside family space to accommodate their specific needs and aesthetic desires.

Located in Moreno Hills in Los Angeles’ Silver Lake neighborhood, the cantilever design home features three bedrooms, two baths, and expansive views of the city. With an exterior that references modern Dutch design and an interior inspired by modern Scandinavian homes, the Murnane abode seeks to be a peaceful, tranquil oasis in the middle of hectic Los Angeles.

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