ispydiy_stone3 ispydiy_stone4 ispydiy_stone2I am loving the look of stones and crystals (both delicate and oversized) being used in necklaces. Each piece is unique, having its own personality, and is truly one of a kind. I have been collecting some gemstones and playing around with ways to make my own necklace, stay tuned for the results! Buying info for these beauties after the break. I love the look of the metal combined with stone on this pendent, layering with the bunch of necklaces and white dress would be the perfect summer look. For a more delicate look,  one of my fellow DIYers Aimee from SwellMayde designed a line of minimalist jewelry including this raw crystal necklace. I found this awesome DIY from ISpy DIY, Check it out!

ispydiy_ropeandstone1 ispydiy_ropeandstone
7mm End cap

Stone with hole, amazing options here, here and here 


6mm Craft Cord  

Lobster clasp 

Jump Rings

Rounded jewelry pliers


How to: 

First, put a piece of wire through the hole in the store

Then, with your jewelry pliers, round the ends to make a double loop. Do this on both sides of the stone.

Next, cut your rope to length you would like your necklace. Put tape on the ends to keep from fraying, and cut so just a small amount of tape is visible.

Put superglue in the end cap, then put the end of your rope into the cap and let dry for a minute.

Connect your end caps to the loops made on each side of the stone with jumprings.

Next, after wrapping tape around the center of the back of your necklace, cut the rope and add end caps with glue.

Finally, add your lobster clasp with the jewelry pliers.