Everyone who knows me well knows that i love orange, i wear it  at least once a week, have shoes, bags, jewelry and more in the color. My obsession with this color is so crazy that 90% of the time I go get a manicure (which is once a week) its always a shade of orange. And without a doubt yes my lip stick collection is vast in the shade. We’ve got a brand new beauty tutorial to pucker up for! Follow along below to get the perfect orange pout . Ill be sure to try this probably this week. You guys a fan of this lip shade?


BEACHYGIF-Step11. Apply a nude shadow to lid.
BEACHYGIF-Step32. Use flat brush to line eye with deep brown shadow.
BEACHYGIF-Step43. Use rounded brush to add color to outer corner of eyes.

BEACHYGIF-Step54. Dab concealer under eye to remove excess powder.
BEACHYGIF-Step65. Curl eyelashes.
BEACHYGIF-Step76. Apply mascara.
BEACHYGIF-Step87. Contour cheeks with bronzer.
BEACHYGIF-Step98. Line lips with red lip liner.
BEACHYGIF-Step109. Fill in with matte orange lipstick.