5-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertainingLet’s have a party. The kind of party where everyone ends up on sprawled out on ground, and not because they had too much rosé. Because the weather is warm and friends are abundant, now’s the time to host a picture-perfect picnic. new 11-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining 10-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining 9-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining 4-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining 14-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining 12-how-to-throw-a-picnic-entertaining Let’s lounge with a cool cocktail in our hands, nibble on delicious homemade sandwiches and and salads, and forget about the passing of time, reminded only by the gradually fading sun. We recently did just that on a recent summer night when went to Piedmont Park. We have found recipes  to show how you how to recreate the scene yourself. All you have to do next is find your perfect picnic spot.
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cocktailsquareCherry, Basil, and Bourbon Prosecco Pop-Tail
Popsicle get a little more grown-up when mixed up in this cocktail.
tortillaTortilla de Papa, Arugula Pesto, Red Pepper Truffle Oil
A traditional Spanish omelette gets a fresh and flavorful update. bruschetta

Mission Figs, Lavender Goat Cheese, Aged Balsamic, Grilled Ficelle
When figs are in season, the best way to eat them is on crostini. couscous
Israeli Couscous, Wild Mushrooms, Roasted Fennel, Beets, French Feta, Lemon Oil
Abundant additions make this couscous more than just a side dish.

Grilled Deviled Chicken, Orange Honey, Spring Onion Crème Fraîche
A hearty summer staple saturated with flavors.


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Photography: Phil Sanchez and Jenna Peffley
Source: Domaine