A fried egg was one of the first things I learned to make, and thanks my obsession with watching cooking shows, Jacques Pepin taught me how to cook the perfect fried egg. The problem lots of people have with cooking eggs always comes at that point when the yolks are perfectly runny, but the tops of the whites are still slimy and clear. The secret to ensuring set whites with runny yolks is adding a splash of water to the pan and covering it with a lid so the steam cooks the top of the egg. No need for fancy tricks like flipping the eggs– with this method, you’ll have perfect fried eggs each time.


  • 1 frying pan with a lid
  • eggs
  • butter
  • water
    1. Heat the frying pan over medium heat and melt a small dab of butter.2. Crack an egg on the counter instead of on the edge of the pan– this helps to reduce the chance of egg shells getting in your egg.3. Cook until the whites start to set, about 1 minute.4. Pour a small splash of water directly on the pan and quickly cover with a lid and cook for another 30 seconds, just until the whites are cooked through.
    how-to-fry-an-egg-2To make these breakfast tacos (my typical weekend breakfast), heat two tortillas by toasting them over a gas stove flame for a few seconds on each side. Top tortillas with bacon and top with a fried egg.
    how-to-fry-an-egg-4Top with avocado, green onion, cilantro and crumbled queso fresco.
    how-to-fry-an-egg-5Serve with sliced radishes, lime and salsa.

    (images by HonestlyYUM)