We found this great DIY by  Sarah Dorsey Blog.Sometimes we feel like we need a lot of money to buy that designer rug. This lady took it upon herself to get the same look for a better price. The result: absolutely fantastic!
We will definitely be trying this DIY out for Sarays new living room.

Loyal blue, fabric medium, plywood for the stencil, and a rug (5’11” x 8’2″) from Ikea
diy+process+11. Then she created a  cool Moroccan inspired shape in illustrator – printed on several pieces of 8.5 x 11 which were taped together.
diy+rug+process+32.Traced the pattern on a piece of 3/8 plywood – then cut it out with a jigsaw
diy+rug+process+23.They printed out our plan and wrote down some measurements – since the edges of the rug aren’t square we ran tape down the middle of the points of the medallion so that they would line up. Prior to painting they took the tape off of the area to be painted – pressing on the board so it wouldn’t slip! They also attached some paper bags on the outside of the stencil to prevent over spray
diy+rug+process+44. Lined the points up on the center of the tape line
5.They were originally going to airbrush the whole thing … but it took WAY too long – so they airbrushed the sides to get a clean line (pressing firmly on the board)
diy+rug+process+5rug+process+2+smd  diy+rug+process+6 diy+rug+process+76. Brushed the interior & let dry!
rug+process+2+smd diy+painted+rug+4+smd diy+painted+rug+2+smd diy+painted+rug+3+smd diy+painted+rug+6+smd diy+painted+rug+5+smd
7. Finished product!

1. Use flat paint (higher quality paints will go on easier and save some headaches too!)
2. I would recommend trying Simple Spray, upholstery fabric paint or using a paint sprayer (I haven’t tried these so I can’t comment on the edges or durability, but would imagine that as long as the stencil is held tight it would work well)
3. A lighter paint color will require fewer coats – which will work best with this method, once dry the medallion will shrink slightly making it more difficult to line up for additional coats.