Happy Monday!!! We’ve been lusting over Alexander McQueen’s insanely glamorous box clutches for a while now – and since it’s the start of a brand new year – we decided now would be the perfect time to give our old clutches a fab makeover. Using bracelets and stud earrings lying around the office, we DIY-ed ourselves a bedazzled bunch of party-perfect purses to go baroque without breaking the bank.
What you’ll need:

-Jewelry you don’t mind breaking
-Hot glue gun + glue sticks
-Wire cutters

1. Spread newspaper over your work surface to protect it.

2. Lay out your desired pattern on the clutch and take a picture of it (just in case you forget it!)

3. Using the wire cutters, cut the jewelry up into smaller pieces.

4. Using the hot glue gun, carefully glue the jewelry onto the bag.

5. Let dry and…Viola! A fab luxe clutch perfect for any party!