Fashion week was full of fashionistas with incredible outfits and accessories. One of the accessories that caught my eye was The Colorful Chunky Chain. So I scoured the web for a nice and easy DIY. After much strenuous clicking and browsing I stumbled upon I Spy DIY.  This woman is brilliant. Her blog is fun, inventive, and incredibly addicting.  I love how resourceful she is, and this DIY is easy and will definitely having you rethinking your accessories.
ispydiy_greennecklace1 ispydiy_rednecklace ispydiy_goldchainispydiy_greennecklace2 ispydiy_silverchainIspydiy_chain_steps
Plasti-dip and color tint
Chain necklace or bracelet
Aluminum can (I use one for peanuts, note that plastic will not work, the Plasti-dip will eat through it)
Plastic spoon

How To: 
Mix your first color by pouring 1/4 of the Plasiti-dip into the peanut container
Then add some coloring and mix with the spoon till you reach your desired color
Next dip your chain in, then let excess drip off for at least a minute
Continue to hold and let harden for 5 minutes
Before wearing, let sit overnight to completely dry.
Mix additional colors in a new container.