lolahats111We were over the moon when we found this DIY! This feathered straw hat is similar to one from Lola Hats current collection of fabulous head wear. You’ll be surprised how simple it is to recreate it by simply injecting life into a plain straw hat with an assortment of colorful trim.

You’ll need:

  • a straw hat
  • a half yard of 1/2″ rickrack
  • a half yard of colored raffia
  • a half yard of feather trim
  • tacky glue
  • an embroidery needle
  • an iron
  • a toothpicklolahats2Start by removing any trim or tags from the straw hat. Squeeze a good amount of tacky glue onto a piece of cardboard. Use a toothpick or chopstick to apply glue to a few inches of the rickrack. Starting at the center of the back of the hat, glue down the rickrack along the brim – just below the crown.
    lolahats3Keep glueing around the perimeter of the hat. Line up the wave pattern, trim and glue.
    lolahats4Tie the end of the raffia into a double knot. Thread the other end through an embroidery needle.
    lolahats5Thread the needle through the hat, just above the rickrack, with a short running stitch.
    lolahats6It helps to pull the raffia open between each stitch. Complete the row with a double knot from the inside of the hat.
    lolahats7Apply another row of rickrack above the embroidery stitch.
    lolahats8Apply a thick row of tacky glue to the inside brim of the hat. Allow to dry for a couple of minutes so the glue becomes very tacky. Press the feather trim into the glue. Use pins to hold in place, until dry, if necessary.
    lolahats9To give the brim of the hat expression, steam the underside of the brim. Pinch the front and back of the brim and hold for a few seconds.lolahats10Your Lola-inspired straw hat is finished!!
    lolahats1 lolahats11