StyledStaircaseLanding_2So i have been working on my house as usual and my next project is my staircase landing. So i was surfing teh web and i stumbled upon this gem!  Desert Domicile has the best DIY for a dream console and at a great price!


To build the table, you’ll need some supplies. I had the stain, paint, nails/screws, and tools on hand so I only needed to buy the following pieces of wood:

  • 4, 2x2x8 furring strips for $1.87/each, $7.48 total — double check that they’re not warped before purchasing them!
  • 1, 1x12x8 piece of utility shelf, $10.87

TOTAL: $18.35!


Once I had my dimensions, I used my miter saw to cut the furring strips to the following sizes:

  • 4, 27 1/4″ pieces (for the vertical legs)
  • 4, 45″ pieces (for the long horizontal stretchers)
  • 4, 8 1/4″ pieces (for the small horizontal side pieces)

We had our 1x12x8 piece of utility shelf cut in half at Lowe’s so we had two 48″ pieces for the top. After all of our wood was cut, it was time to start building!

We started by building one full leg:

DIYConsoleTable_Leg1To make it look like the table has feet, I measured 3″ up from the bottom of each vertical board and made a mark. Then we applied Liquid Nails to both ends of the horizontal stretcher board in the middle and stuck it into place.

Once the glue had sort of set up, we nailed some nails into both sides to make the leg more stable:

DIYConsoleTable_NailsWe repeated the same steps above to make a second identical leg. After they were both built, we started to attach the small 8 1/4″ horizontal pieces using the same Liquid Nails method:

DIYConsoleTable_LiquidNailsDIYConsoleTable_SideWe didn’t hammer any nails into these pieces because they would’ve hit the previous nails we hammered in and we figured that since the pieces were so small, we wouldn’t have to worry about them being as secure as the longer ones.

Once both of the lower 8 1/4″ pieces were glued down, we attached the upper pieces using the same Liquid Nails, no actual nails method. After they had dried a little bit, we set the second leg on top of the pieces and weighed it down over night: DIYConsoleTable_Weights2 DIYConsoleTable_Weights1Make note of the screws going into the two horizontal stretchers above! We added those after we stood the first leg up and it was still wobbly.

After the frame was dry, we attached the top two horizontal stretchers with screws only since we had run out of Liquid Nails at that point. I may have gone a little overboard haha

Anyway, once the frame was built, we could focus on the top. I don’t have any photos of this step so I apologize but it’s incredibly simple!

First, we made sure that both of the 48″ boards lined up and we liked the placement of the knots. Then we applied a generous amount of Liquid Nails to the top of one of the 48″ boards. Next, we took the second 48″ board and placed it on top making sure that all of the edges lined up making a Liquid Nails filled wooden sandwich.

Once everything looked good, we took two 65 lb boxes of leftover tile and placed them on top of the boards. We let everything sit for 48 hours to ensure that both pieces would bond together. After the 48 hours had passed, we applied some wood glue to the top edges of the frame and stuck the top down:

DIYConsoleTable_BuiltWe set the same boxes of tile (seen above! God I need to clean our garage haha) on top of the entire table and waited another 48 hours for the glue to set up. Once it had, it was time to fill any gaps with wood filler:

DIYConsoleTable_WoodPuttyAfter the wood filler dried, we sanded the entire table down and prepped it for stain by taping off the top:

DIYConsoleTable_Taped1 DIYConsoleTable_Taped2And then staining the frame dark walnut, my go-to stain color

DIYConsoleTable_Stain2After the stain was dry, I removed the tape from the top and re-applied new tape at the top edge of the frame so I could take the entire table outside and give it the Dexter treatment:

DIYConsoleTable_CoveredI did this so that I could spray paint the top of the table white without getting any overspray on the newly stained frame. In hindsight, spray paint wasn’t the best idea. Yes the finish was much smoother than any paint I’ve ever rolled on a piece of furniture but it took foreverrrrr to finish because it required so many coats. If I were to build the table all over again, I’d go the brush and roller route for the top!

After the spray paint had dried, I gave the entire table a few coats of spray lacquer and let everything cure overnight. Feel free to use poly in the lacquer’s place if you feel more comfortable using it!

Once everything was done, done, done, I brought the table inside and styled it at the top of our staircase landing:

StyledStaircaseLanding_4 StyledStaircaseLanding_Styling1 StyledStaircaseLanding_7 StyledStaircaseLanding_StylingAngleRightSource: Desert Domicile