I’m proud to announce the launch of the new and improved digital ecosystem for Briggo. Briggo is an Austin start up that has developed a robotic barista that can create up to 5 concurrent,  highly customized hot and cold coffee beverages with no human involvement. Briggo hired SapientNitro to design and develop the digital ecosystem that drives the coffee ordering and queuing customer experience across mobile, web, desktop and kiosk. We partnered with fuse project, an industrial design firm in San Francisco that designed the visual identity and the physical kiosk to deliver a truly innovative digital and physical connected experience. Here’s how it works. Customers can order their drinks remotely via the web or mobile device — or order on location at the touch-screen kiosk. You can set a time to pick up your drink or even hit the snooze button if you’re running late. You can customize the ingredients of any drink, or even create and name a brand new one! This robot is smart — with each drink it gets to know you better, offering a more relevant and personalized experience. The first Coffee Haus is now live at the University of Texas in Austin, with more to follow later this year. You can read more about it on FastcoDesign: http://www.fastcodesign.com/1673167/this-new-coffee-shop-is-staffed-by-robots#1 Or you if you happen to be in Austin, why not swing by and try a drink for yourself? -Stephany


The Briggo Coffee Haus is sort of like one of those automated coffee vending machines crossed with a coffee hut.

It’s staffed by robots and controllable through the web, built-in touch screens, or apps.


The advantage to all of this is that you can order coffee to be picked up at a certain time, and if you’re running late in the morning, you can even hit a coffee snooze button.