There is a trend that is just blowing my mind. Banana leaf patterns! Especially this one that was originally designed for the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles, California, it creates a fresh American style feeling. I absolutely love how designers are using it on their homes, design and fashion. I am so envious, I might upholster my next chair in this print. It is featuring the color of the year and I love this twist of pattern. Lately its all about flowers, which are so in this spring by this pattern only features the leafs, its sooo elegant and chic. I love what MAST did with the identity of Holy Burger, they made this burger joint a vintage shop with inspired typography and created a fresh American style for Spanish Country Burgers.
I also love how these banana leafs look awesome with pink, from chairs to pants i feel like we will be seeing a lot of this pattern in the coming months. What are your favorite kind of pattens? and where do you like to use them?

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