Hello Everyone! Its Stephany, last week i was working in NYC and i stumbled on this awesome place called GRK, with great food, refreshing froyo and the best branding. Brooklyn stu­dio Red Antler recently designed this bright and friendly iden­tity for GRK, a new casual Greek restau­rant in NYC. They were respon­si­ble for devel­op­ing cre­ative for every­thing from the iden­tity and inte­ri­ors to the pack­ag­ing and website. The branding for New York’s GRK needed to look like what the restaurant pitches to its potential customers: an authentic and high-quality Greek joint. That’s GRK in a nutshell, but they’re a little different. While their heart may live in the age-old Greek cuisine practices that produce delicious yeeros and salads, their style is modern and they wanted a brand vibe from the top down that said all of this. No architectural columns or photos of the sea in this location. While that may have been an obvious choice, GRK turned to Red Antler to help them round out their branding and the firm delivered an image awash in Mediterranean blues and rich browns. GRK uses numerous photos of their food as part of their branding and they’re designed well so they look mouthwatering. One central aspect of the design that has roots in Greek food culture but is a fresh idea in its own right is the reoccurring diagonals and edges used in the logo, etc. Plus while we were in NYC we tried some of the meals and they are to die for!
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