hbz-fashion-myths-ucQbBj-promo-lgnWhile trends are constantly evolving, there is one thing that we can be sure about when it comes to fashion – rules were meant to be broken.  We sat here and thought for a while and thought we are not even sure who even made these rules up?

1. No White After Labor Day

Yes, we have all heard this before, but to be honest i think its an outdated rule. While  you should save your white linens for beach season, nothing beats ivory sweaters with crisp white jeans during the winter months.

2. Your purse should match your shoes

This is a rule my grandma use to say to us, she would go ahead and match her leather gloves to teh whole ensemble. We live in a free country so if you want to match your shoes to your purse of choice be our guest. I personally think a mix  of accessories always elevates a look.

3. No Mixing Prints

When i was younger i was very afraid to mix prints, it was a huge faux pas. But in the last few seasons we have been spotting ladies around the globe just mixing to their hearts content. From stripes & poka dots to leopard and paisley, print mixing was hands down one of the most popular trends this year

4.Navy and Black don’t go together

What fashion Nazi decided  to let someone believe that these colors shouldn’t be worn together? Have you looked at the ladies above? Yup Black and Navy and they look Chic! My sister Saray lives in a world of neutral and this is a trend she takes to heart in her wardrobe and in her home. Black and navy get a bad rap because they are easily mistaken for one another, but in our eyes we think its a modern combination.

5. Sequins and Metallic’s are for Night only

While you should save your mini sequin dress for a night out with your ladies, sparkling pieces can be worn during the day time.Go for a mix of high and low, stick to one piece being your sparkle and let all the other elements of your outfit be simple.

6. You have to be Model tall to wear long dresses and pants

This one really bothers me, because I am 5 ft and I break this rule often. With a good tailor on speed dial, shorter ladies such as myself can wear whatever our heart desire.

7. No stockings or socks with open toe shoes

Pairing tights with and open toe shoe is certainly a fun look. Also when you play up the contrast, like silver shoe against black tights , can really add to a look. The same goes for socks and sandals – the school girl  look goes well with a sophisticated outfit.

8. No mixing gold and silver

Just like navy and black, this is another passe rule on color mixing. Whether its your jewelry or accessories, metallics of any shade only compliment each others gilded pleasures.

What are your thoughts on these rules, do you agree or disagree?

Photography: Diego Zuko

Source: harpers bazaar