Think outside of the box with one of these new bedroom décor ideas.

I AM Always looking for new and creative decorating ideas, we’ve explored some elegant, eye-catching alternatives to a standard headboard and are sharing ways to inject color, texture, and height into your bedroom. Read on for six dreamy ways to turn your bedroom from blah to ta-da!

1Large-scale art is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to draw attention to your bed and create a focal point. Get creative and paint a large-scale canvas yourself, or have a pair of favorite photos printed at your local copy store in a size large enough that when hung together, will be as wide as your mattress. Make sure to properly secure the pieces when hanging to avoid a rude awakening if they were ever to fall. Hang high enough that your head will clear the canvas or frame while sitting up and reading.

art-phillip-erickson art-rachel-whiting mac1Popular in the ‘70s, this intricate art form is making a comeback in a big way, and we especially love the look of these large-scale weavings hung behind a bed. The textural contrast looks great against dark walls and injects a bohemian vibe into carefree spaces. Hang from a rod both at the top and bottom for a more taut look or give the weaving some movement by hanging the piece only from a single rod at the top.

weaving-sally-england weaving-amber_3

A way to instantly visually double your space, mirrors work wonderfully as headboard alternatives. The frames help replicate the square lines of a traditional headboard. For a different take, consider hanging a collection of smaller ones in a tight arrangement. Again, be sure to properly secure to your walls and call in a professional installer if you’re not 100-percent confident. mirror-colin-radcliffe SU_315_16.tif4 If you like a soft place to lean your head while sitting up in bed, an upholstered screen is a great way to add height and interest to your bedroom. Mount the screen flat on the wall for a large-scale statement or secure just the ends and leave the middle portions bent for a more angular aesthetic. Nailhead patterns are an additional textural bonus and add to the visual interest.

screen-darryl-carter The master bedroom of Kathleen Hackett and Stephen Antonson's home in New York.5 A textural way to add a dose of the outdoors into your space, live-edge wood slabs look great behind a bed. The contrast between hard and soft makes a stunning focal point. For the most high-impact installation, select a piece of wood wide enough to extend beyond the bed frame so that it is also hung behind your nightstands, creating a feeling of grandeur.

wood-miranda-brooks wood-trip-haenisch 6One of the easiest ways to draw attention to your sleeping setup, textiles hung from a rod can add height, color, and excitement. Whether new or vintage, a textile hung on the wall is also a good way to disguise an existing headboard which you’ve grown tired of.

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