In a dream world, we would all roll out of bed with perfectly imperfect hair. You know, like the stuff you see in romantic comedies and on Kate Moss. But, let’s be honest, we all have mornings when the snooze button wins and those extra ten minutes of shut-eye feel positively critical. However, when you’re blurry-eyed with coffee on the brain, who can be bothered to wash, dry, and style unruly tresses? And though we love the taming power of a classic ponytail, these have new hair trends in mind and will be one of those looks you’ll never get tired of doing. So, prepare to reboot those tousled tresses with this DIY guide for unwashed hair. Brace yourselves, bedheads — this triplet of easy-peasy styles are just for you.

Style 1: Fake A Milkmaid Braid
Step 1: Part hair down the middle.
Step 2: Part the back of the hair horizontally behind the ear to create four equal sections.
Step 3: Take each of the four sections and secure into a ponytail.
Step 4: Separate the ponytail into two equal parts. Then, twist both pieces to the right while cross-wrapping the right side over the left.
Step 5: Repeat twists on each of the four ponytails.
Step 6: Begin wrapping the twists counter-clockwise around the crown of the head, securing with bobby pins as you go.
Step 7: Loosen the twists where needed and use extra pins to hide any exposed elastic bands.
When longer tresses just can’t be left to their own devices, this style gives the romantic effect of a milkmaid braid and gets unruly hair off of your neck and your mind!

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Style 2: Half Awake And Half Up
Step 1: Part hair in the center. Take a three-inch section from the part to the ear.
Step 2: Then, braid the hair starting just behind the ear (be sure to direct the braid back since you’ll be pinning it in that direction) and repeat on the opposite side. Wrap the first braid from right to left across the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin.
Step 3: Wrap the first braid from left to right across the back of the head and secure with a bobby pin.
Step 4: Wrap the second braid, crossing the first braid. Secure with pins.
Step 5: Loop the remainder of the braids back in the opposite direction and pin to create a woven effect. Then, tuck the loose ends under your braids to hide the elastic bands and secure with pins. Your friends will think you were up at the crack of dawn creating this messy-chic style. They’ll never know!

style4-step1-1style4-step2 style4-step3 style4-step4 r29-courtney109   010-style4-step5-copy-1Style 4: Knot Your Average Brunch Hair
Step 1: Take a three-inch section at the top of the head.
Step 2: Twist the hair and tie into a top knot. Secure with a single bobby pin, leaving the end of the hair out. For super-thick hair, you may need an extra pin or two.
Step 3: Add a second section of hair an inch below the first and combine the loose tail with that from your first knot.
Step 4: Begin to twist and tie into a second knot just below the first. Secure with a bobby pin.
Step 5: Continue this process, creating knots down the back of the head until you reach the nape of the neck. Tuck the remaining tail under and pin.
The texture in your “next-day” hair will make it much easier to work with than squeaky-clean strands, so give this sleek style a whirl.
style2-final style2-step1 style2-step2 style2-step3 style2-step4 style2-step5 025-style2-final-copy
Photographed by Aeschleah DeMartino